Sunday, 13 November 2016

Quiet mooring

oil on wood panel, 20x20cms
Walking around a small local harbour here in Sicily there are moored alongside the sleek yachts, little wooden fishing boats. Just as interesting to look at but not quite as posh!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cool Green

Oil on wood panel, 20x20cms

Cool light from my kitchen window falling onto some crunchy green apples.  They have been eaten and are no more...I always like it when my subjects taste nice!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ancient Times

Oil on wood 20x20cms

 This is my interpretation of the top (capital) of an 'unfinished' Doric column.  It's part of the ancient Greek temple of Segesta here in Sicily. I tried to capture the texture and age of the stone.

Segesta is one of my favourite places, best seen off season when there are less tourists.  The setting is stunning with the Sicilian hills and countryside as a backdrop.  The temple was never finished, it is unknown why. It never had a roof and the columns are missing the classic Doric fluting.

Also to be seen at the same site is a magnificent Greek theatre up on top of the hill alongside the remains of a Norman castle. Fantastic views are to be had of the surrounding area.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Three's a Crowd

Oil on mdf panel 20x20cms. Available from my Etsy shop

In any Sicilian village or small town square you will always find groups of old gents sitting and chatting, playing cards or just snoozing in the sun.  In this case one man has even brought his own chair, just to make sure of a seat.

Oil on mdf panel 20x20cms. SOLD
It's quite possible that the wives of these now retired gents are fed up with them at home and send them out to be with their friends!
I've noticed I have a preference for painting groups of three...

Friday, 7 October 2016

Under the Stars

oil on  wood, 20x20cms On Etsy

At the end of September I took part in an exhibition of 30 local artists. The exhibition was set up in a small park between houses and 17th century villas and took place in the evening. (We had a lot of lighting set up).  We were allowed 2 easels each and as my paintings are fairly small I 3- 4 paintings on each, including the red apples above.

I also agreed to be one of the painters demonstrating all evening.  I'm used to sketching and painting in public so a bit of oil painting was much the same, besides I knew it would get me a chair for a very long evening! 

The event was part of an event organised by local shop keepers designed to get more people to come to the town instead of heading to the big new shopping centres springing up everywhere.  There was an endless river of people walking through the exhibition all night so something was working!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Red is the Colour

20x20cms, oil on wood here

I love painting tomatoes as much as I like eating them, so I painted two!
I used to think that red was a hard colour to paint with and had a love/ hate relationship, forcing myself to use it.  

20x20cms, oil on wood here

Now I really enjoy painting with red....yellow is my least favourite painting colour now, just one slip and it becomes mucky grey!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sun Seekers

Oil on mdf 20x20 cms available
After having lunch at a bar on the seafront I spotted these two ladies sitting on the rocks.  They looked very similar apart from the colour of their cozzies, quite possibly sisters.
I know I shouldn't sneak up on people, perhaps there's even a law about it...but you can't see their faces so it should be alright!


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